Sunday, January 13, 2013

American Girlies

We planned a "spa" day for Eleanor's birthday. I like "experience" gifts, it's my new thing... So I hope my girlies like them too.

Anyway, today was our American Girl celebration. On the schedule was lunch in the Bistro, a new hairstyle in the salon, store scavenger hunt, and an AG craft.

So, I've never been to the AG store... Ummm... A little surreal. These dolls have a better life than most children. It's like Disney for dolls... Or whatever really rich dolls would do.

Aside from the "am I on prank tv" feeling, I must say they give excellent customer service... And at those prices they should.

The Bistro - excellent service and a charming experience. The wait staff is well trained to treat the children and dolls as the focus. We dined from the lunch menu and I was surprised how yummy my salmon was. Eleanor's pasta looked good and even Caitlin's pizza looked tastier than most other non-Italian places with pizza on their kids menu.

The Salon - wow, Disney level training here. They put on a show, talk to the dolls and the girls, and discuss best grooming practices... We just got "cheap" hairstyles done but the doll next to us was getting a full spa work up, including a robe and mask. Um, yes, I did feel a giggle coming on.

The Scavenger hunt was free :) and the girlies each received a poster of Sage, this year's new doll. I was really excited for the free poster. not because I want it hanging on our wall, but because the girls walked out of the store with something I didn't have to pay for.

Caitlin had a great time, I hope Eleanor did too. I even had fun, but with a "there is something wrong about this" feeling.

On the way home I stopped for gas and an elderly man asked if I had any spare change. I told him I was sorry but I didn't have any cash on me. I felt horrible, we just took our dolls to the spa and this man was asking for change. Then I remembered that Caitlin brought her purse with her. I owe her $4, but I'm happy I was able to give him something.

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