Thursday, January 31, 2013

A little help...

Vera will be proud of me! I did something really hard. I walked into a building and environment that was new and scary to me. It wouldn't be to you or any normal person you know... Maybe a little intimidating but not freak-out-about-to-cry scary.

I would have turned away at the door if Nissa hadn't been with me. I would have run... walked away quickly... Like a scared little girl.

The people were very nice. I did fight back tears and anxiety the whole time, which they noticed, but were so nice anyway. I didn't have to explain my fear of new people and places.

I could really tell I was rattled at the end when they asked for my phone number. I rattled the number mindlessly, 682-xxx-xxx. The young man repeated it. It was wrong. I said no, that's not right, 682-xxx-x... wait that's not my number, it's my moms number.

I looked at Nissa, "what's my number? I can't remember my number!"

Nissa pulled out her phone and said "817-xxx-xxx"

"Yes, that is my number. I'm so nervous I'm in a fetal position and subconsciously want my mommy" I said with a smile... an embarrassed smile.

Everyone laughed charmingly. I promised to write my number on my hand before I came back.

We stepped out of the building and I started crying. It was so hard, and I did it... With a little help from my friends.

... Later, at home. "Hey Michael, do you have the cover for the album that the song A Little Help from My Friend?"

"Yeah, do you want the record, the tape, the CD, or the digital art?"... My hubby, the Beatle n-e-r-d!


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