Friday, January 4, 2013

Hubby the Bear

Hubby goes to bed early, since he has to get up at 2:00 am. He's a light sleeper. Really light. If our neighbor toots hubby will wake up.

I'm not a quiet person... Understatement! This occasionally causes issues :)

Sometimes he sleeps in the girls' room so that I can stay up in our room, ya know, 'cause there has to be no light or sound when he goes to sleep. On these nights the girlies sleep with me... And we usually get in trouble.

Last night the dryer broke. We were really looking forward to a year of no big purchases so hubby was a little more grumpy than usual and went to bed early.

The girlies and I were talking about how funny, and yet scary, "grumpy" daddy is. We were getting a little giggly and maybe speaking above a whisper. I had just started to ask "who is scarier, me or" when we heard the girls' door open and we all froze!

Uh-oh! We woke grumpy bear! We heard the heavy, irritated sigh in the hallway as hubby walked to my bedroom door. Honestly, even I get nervous when we wake him up. It's the disappointment in his eyes. The dread of a lecture. The guilt of being inconsiderate.

Sometimes we try to disperse before he can catch us together. Or we'll pretend to be asleep. At the very least we immediately put on our contrite face. But last night, after a long silent pause we started laughing.

There is no doubt who is "scarier" because when that door opens, and you know you've woken him, all your instincts scream "HIDE."

We three are trouble makers and hubby is wonderful to put up with us!

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