Monday, January 28, 2013

Medina's Got Talent

Where has the week gone? Uncle Eddie was here, I had a long weekend, then two days at work, then sick for last four days...

Time flies. Feeling better tonight... or on better drugs anyway. So here's an update of the crazy.

Uncle Eddie is hi-larious, he came to Texas, we had a freak snow, he went home to St. Louis and I got this text video on his arrival... (which I watched like, 20 times)

We took the girlies to jump on trampolines.  They had a great time. I had a HI-LARIOUS time! My very athletic, svelte,  and younger sister took a nose dive... BIG TIME.  I was laughing so hard I think I stopped breathing.  Where is the camera when I need it?!

So she fell on a padded area and was fine, well, she might have hurt her should a little from all the flailing. But the truth is out. If it is funny enough I will laugh before I know if you are okay. 

She didn't just fall... that won't get me laughing for three days... she fell for 10 feet... as if her feet were going to be able to catch up with her head.  Once she hit the ground she looked up at the woman seated near the final landing spot.  The woman (who is so going to heaven) had a worried look on her face and asked "are you all right?!" Sarah said "thank you for not laughing"... and the woman said "like your friend?" gesturing to me, as I am bent over and gasping for air.

I asked the girlies to re-create:

Since I'm feeling better and my toes have recently been painted I thought I would share my big time talent...

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