Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hippy New Year!

I remember when 2013 seemed like a science fiction date, too far into the future to be real... And yet it's here.

And so I say happy new year to you! And me :) I hope this year is a good one, where I grow emotionally and shrink physically.

The last two months... Have been deeply personal and I have not blogged. My hubby misses my posts and so here I am, rambling to myself, sharing my days again.

I'm working out and dieting with the ladies at work. Took Christmas "off" and am back to it tomorrow. They've promised an hour workout and then up three flights of stairs. Hope I don't die... Or barf :)

I turn 39 in March and I really want a bike for my birthday. But I have to lose weight in order to buy a bike I can afford. So that's my mini goal... Fit on a bike by March 7th.

I spent the day with Gorgeous. It was really relaxing. I'm working on a couple of projects at her house, using her jewels and sewing machine. I finished 3 bracelets and one spa wrap. I'm excited about how the spa wrap turned out, I'm making one for all the girlies. G doesn't think little Kate will use it, but I'm making it anyway. The bracelets are for my girlfriends... 5 more to make... Unless I forgot someone... Remind me if you want a bracelet :)

Honey won't model her spa wrap so you'll have to wait for Caitlin's. I'm making myself one too, lol, maybe I'll be the model.

Thanking God for everyday. Peace.

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