Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who are you?

I had a plan to make taco soup for dinner.  It's so good.  But I napped this afternoon and then it was too late to make it before Siobain had to go to religion class.

She's very excited... sigh, I think it's the age.
But she IS beautiful.  Even with all the hair in her eyes.

It's up to Caitlin to pick dinner... she took forever.
She thinks it's very funny that I called her Sarah, Mia, Eleanor... 
and then I asked what her name was.

She said "Siobain"... and then giggled and said "So, you're yelling at Siobain."

I'm glad she finds humor in the situation.  This is happening much more frequently.  I remember when my parents used to do it.  I thought they were batty.  Well, now I'm batty.  I know who I'm talking to... apparently I just have to list everyone else before the right name comes to me...

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