Monday, October 10, 2011

A string of bad decisions...

It's Monday... perhaps I should allow a magic eight-ball to make my decisions for me tomorrow.

For instance... when I, for some reason, decided to put my hair in pig-tails this morning the magic-eight-ball may have warned me "outlook not so good."

Or when I thought that it was a good day to wear my "Roz" glasses it might have said "concentrate and try again later."

Today's "fashion" choices did not hit me until I was powdering the CEO of... 
well, a top 10 company in the US. 

So there was that. And I could also have used some advice against the Venti Chai Latte*... It's like 100 degrees out... and it cost $4.00... and I bought it at the hotel bar and for some reason added a $1.00 tip**.  No surprise it gave me diarrhea***.  Yeah, I said it... because I don't have a magic-eight-ball to advise me not to.

Magic-eight-ball says: *My reply is no; **My reply is no; and ***Outlook not good

So, despite my hubby's comment "don't spend any money" I went shopping... I need a ring.  I know it seems silly.  But I'm a little bit of a flirt.  A harmless one.  When I was slender it was fine because I had my ring and it "protected" me and stopped anyone from taking me seriously. 

Now... let's just say my ring doesn't fit anymore... and positions have flipped, I need a ring to protect my flirtees. I'm a much larger, way older, ringless flirt and it's starting to freak people out.  I want to say, "no, you've got me wrong.  I'm not interested in you.  Please don't run... or awkwardly mention your wife and children. I'm married too. With two girls. I'm not interested." But that just makes it worse.  

So a ring will solve that problem.

The magic-eight-ball might have steered me away from this ring, but the price was right.  I also bought that black bag (purse?)  I needed a bag. Mine has fallen apart.  I hate picking out bags. I called my sister 3 times to ask questions. This one is really small.  I thought it was just big enough for my wallet, phone, e-reader, ipod, lipstick (which I'm not committed too), sunglasses, and keys.

Well, it's too small for my e-reader... so now I'm going to have to commit to my lipstick.

I also picked up this tote.  This is the one decision I don't question today.  
I love it.  It's me. 
It will fit my bag, my e-reader, my laptop, and laptop cords. 

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