Sunday, October 23, 2011

5 little pumpkins

Last minute get-together this evening... and so. much. fun!

We all met up at a pumpkin patch that had tractors, pumpkins, food, playground, farm animals, and even a corn maze!

I totally bribed Honey before we left.  I bought her 32 "vocaloid" songs for her iPod.
So she smiled for me :)

I love this big wheel.  There is a huge corn maze right behind them.

Ummmm... these two squeeze my heart.  They don't care where we are...
as long as they are together.

This old truck is awesome. So hard to get a "turn" for pictures.
People should control their kids.
Yes, apparently I'm a grumpy old lady.

This is the only smile I got of Kate all night.

Howdy there! Take a look at the ears on Caitlin!

"Ummm, are my parents really doing this?"
She gave a great big yawn after this photo.

What a pretty family.

I caught the rockstars in the hay house.
(note that I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get in there)

The girls were running and skipping around this huge field.
(Honey was listening to her "vocaloid" on her ipod)

dosey do

So it may seem like a lot of photos... but I took over 400... 
and need an entirely different post for the maze! Coming next...

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