Monday, October 24, 2011

The Historian

Siobain has to do a project for the history fair this year. Her topic is "Society's Reaction to Television." Her first interview was with Catilin this afternoon... someone who does not know life without television, or remote controls, or instant rewind, or DVR... but she's a cutie.

Siobain has some hard hitting questions...
Do you like television?
What are some positive aspects of TV?
How much time do you spend watching per day?
and many more...

I think her interview with Gorgeous will be more revealing.

Caitlin loved being interviewed.
Although she did utter "umm" a lot.  But most kids do.

Caitlin didn't want the interview to end.

The Historian
Not quite the same look as The Thinker...
... a little nerdier.

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