Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Smile

I got back to my desk after making the rounds... to welcome Stacy back from her wedding weekend and to harass Karen for leaving me for two weeks to get her gallbladder removed... sigh...

But when I got back to my desk this sweet smile was waiting for me!

How sweet is that?!

My cube roomy has a jelly belly machine and someone (Stacy) left a smile on my chair.  I am clearly working with good meds today...

... otherwise I might have interpreted this as "shove this smile up your a$$..."  but I didn't, instead I swept the jellies up and started to eat them.  Isn't Stacy sweet.


Update... this smiley face was from GABE!! Super sweet Gabe sent me an email "I think you have a jelly bean stuck to your boooootay!"

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