Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hogan History

We were so lucky to have Aunt Colleen and Uncle Denny in town this weekend!

They came in for Kate's 1st birthday party, which was yesterday...
... But today we just chillaxed at Gorgeous' tree house.

The Hogan kids... Ginny is the oldest, then Denny, Colleen, Marie, Joan (Gorgeous), and Eddie. Having three of them together was so much fun... and so informative.  I spent the afternoon laughing and fascinated with tales of growing up Hogan.

My Grandma was considered an old maid when she married my grandpa... at the ripe old age of 25... 'course their marriage was secret the first 2 years because they stayed home to support their families during the war. But the gig was up when Aunt Ginny was born.

Mom, Colleen and Denny all remember their first home, a 4 plex... two queen beds and a crib in one room, a living room and a kitchen... Grandma and Grandpa, 5 kids and one more on the way.

Then they had to move up to Red Bird (I think that was the name of the street) where there were 3 bedrooms! Talk about more leg room!  Ginny and Colleen shared a room; Mom and Marie shared a room; Grandma and Grandpa with Eddie in the crib; and Denny in a converted walk-in closet.

Apparently their house was THE place to hang out.  Slumber parties every weekend... and the best food around. Always a ham in the fridge, stew on Tuesdays, chicken on Thursdays, spaghetti and potato pancakes on Fridays, pot roast on Sundays... and friends always welcome.

Grandpa was a fireman, 24 hours on and 3 days "off"... but when he wasn't putting out fires he was working in his father's bar and helping support his 9 younger sisters.

The family got their first car when Denny, the oldest, was 18. If they couldn't pay in cash... they didn't buy it.  Sounds like Grandma and Grandpa were brills for two people who left school after 6th and 8th grade.

And so much so much more... I can't wait to sit and grill them with questions and beg for stories again.


Meanwhile... goofy princesses were up to... probably no good :)

Such a great weekend!

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