Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Apple A Day

Is NOT going to keep my psychiatrist away... just a tad of baking stress today.

It has been months... I think my last bakefest was in... March?

My sister Siobain wanted an apple cake to match her hungry caterpillar themed party.

I decided to make two cakes in 8x3 inch pans and cut down from there.  My shaping wasn't great... but isn't horrible for a first attempt.

I was really worried about the red frosting.  But I have discovered the secret to really really red frosting... put the coloring in with the butter, completely mix that together BEFORE adding the powder sugar.  Worked like a charm.

Please excuse my messy kitchen!

I made a white confetti cake (Jason's request). Here is the bowl of shavings...
I think equivalent to one whole cake... which my girlies are l-o-v-i-n-g.

So, after it was carved I put the first layer of icing on.
I used pink so that it would better blend with the red icing.
This first layer is just to trap all the crumbs so they don't mess up the top layer of icing.

Here is my really really red icing that I was so excited about.

Meh. I'm really disappointed with the final cake.
I used a toostie roll for the stem.
I used the new sugar sheets by Wilton and a leaf cookie cutter for the leaf.

This is what my sister wanted it to look like:

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