Sunday, October 2, 2011

High Expectations...

"Are you jealous?" my hubby asks. "DUH" I reply.

Apparently my sister Siobain has been hoarding her incredibly creative side.  Just kill me now.  Seriously.  My girlie Mia is turning 1 this month.  Very exciting.  This is the invitation we received in the mail...

Caitlin is so in love with this whole invitation.
Aunt Siobain gets to plan her 9th birthday :) tehe.

Each of the invited guests received 
a personalized jar, a hungry caterpillar, and a leaf with details.

Caitlin LOVES her caterpiller!

Seriously, the cutest invitation we've ever received.

... I wonder if Siobain is going to give butterflies away as party gifts...

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