Saturday, October 15, 2011

Handmade by Jason

So, apparently there is a super star party planner in the family and HIS name is... Jason! I seriously think he should start a business.  Not only were his decorations fantastic but he is also the host with the most!

So yes, this should be about Kate... but that will have to wait until after we take a tour de hungry caterpillar party.

Guests were welcomed at the door by the very hungry caterpillar.
(Handmade by Jason)

The cake balls were the centerpiece to remember!
(Handmade by Jason... and delicious!)

Here's the cake I made... pales in comparison to all the Handmade by Jason items.

Another caterpillar partied with us indoors.
(Handmade by Jason)

The yummy spread in the kitchen features...
a very hungry caterpillar table cloth
a happy birthday banner
(both Handmade by Jason)

Kate's special very hungry caterpillar bib.
(Handmade by Jason)

The two stars of the show!
Kate and Jason...
And the very hungry caterpillar barrette.
(Handmade by Jason)

Yes, I'm jealous of Jason's rock star party... Yes, he is now in charge of all parties.

Now I'll talk a little about Kate.

Time to open presents with mommy!
Kate was so funny.  Just when she got interested in a present it was taken away from her so she could open the next one. She kept trying to crawl towards the fun pile.

Best gift prize goes to grandparent Doziers.
Now we all want one... and we want Siobain to push us in it.

Kate seemed to like Aunt Kitty's cake.
It was a wonderful day enjoyed by everyone!


Special note.  For those of you who will want to out-do Jason with an even better very hungry caterpillar party... request all the guests wear a green shirt and put the birthday boy/girl in a red one.

Here's a sample... totally unplanned... of our hubby's... the hungry caterpillars.

Jason, Peter, Hubby

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