Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Therapy x 2

Had a great session with Vera today... And then came home for some creative therapy!

I'm quilling a birthday present! I love quilling! Does the birthday girl like quilled crafts? I. Don't. Know.

But that's what she's getting and it's the thought that counts... right?

I'm a little nervous to give an art project as a gift. Could get awkward very quickly. But Kelli is total funky and fun so she'll probably love it. (I'll do an "awkward" blog if the gift goes south.)

While quilling my little heart away I also caught an episode of West Wing. I love that show :) I also updated my iPhone to 6.0. It did not go smoothly, thank goodness I had backed it up.

Very productive evening with lots of screaming and laughter in the house.

We needed that.

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