Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barf Bag

The ladies invited me to join them on their lunch time adventure today, I'm always excited for Wilma/Betty adventures!

Today's started off with a bang... Or rather with a barf!

Wilma was going to drive the Flinstone bus-mobile for today's field trip to an auto parts store, she needed some kind of lightbulb. I climbed into the back seat, I always take the back seat, and just as I was noticing something "off" Wilma said "I think there is an odor in my car."

Understatement of the year.

On the seat next to me I recognized Wilma's lunch bag... And the contents that we decided she shouldn't eat last Thursday because it was going bad.

Imagine food, already on the bad side, sitting in a car, in the Texas heat, for four (FOUR) days.

My gagging started immediately and I don't believe I was lady-like when I screamed "we are not taking this car!"

Once my gag reflex gets going its very hard to squelch. So for obvious reasons Betty was a little worried to have me in her car. But I settled into Betty's backseat and we changed the subject... Eventually I got myself under control.

Throughout lunch my mind would bring the smell back to me and I would have to simmer down again.

Even as I write this... The smell, oh the smell!

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