Wednesday, September 12, 2012

5K to Dork-ay

My sister had me in stitches, via text, telling me about why she has stitches in her knee.

For those of you who know how clumsy I am I should mention that my sister is NOT clumsy.  She's very graceful and just finished the Color Me Rad 5K run this past weekend.

Such a cool photo! ... 5 days later... Sarah takes a tumble.  

I think I'll just write the texts as they came, a little confusing because how texts overlap each other... But that's how I'm gonna do it. I'll put her texts in black and mine in green... I'll sprinkle in screen shots of the bits that are funny to me.

So that you can follow the conversation better, let me give you the cast of characters:

Sarah - my youngest sister
Sio - my middle sister
Henry - Sio's 2-month-old son
Jason - Sio's husband
Mia - Sarah's daughter

Non-related texting leads to:

Sarah: Did you know I fell and hurt my knee?

Me: No what happened? How bad is it hurt? When?

Wanna see it?

Um, yeah!

It happened yesterday. I was carrying Henry and his car seat saved his life.

Why do people keep entrusting their children to me?

OMG Sio didn't say anything.


I think she has been inbetwn feeling bad for me 
and wanting to take out my other knee

I just laughed really loud

OMG. You need stitches!
What did you land on?

With stitches

What are the three red spots?
Are there blisters too? Where did this happen?


They gave me burn cream for those.

My knee... haha

I don't know. They said sometimes if it's hard enough the fall the flesh just splits.

We could ask Jason for the play by play 
bc I was walking toward him. or one of the 
10 moms who watched from the window of Mia's dance class.

You just made me laugh out loud again. 
Can I use this text as a post?

Just scabby road rash type soars. Actually they are what hurt the most.
But for me it's a blur.
It happened at the theater parking lot. I slipped or something in the parking lot.



Yep. So glad I kept him in his seat. I was torn but I figured if he was happy I'd keep him in bc Jason was close. So glad he stayed happy.

Wow. Did he cry?

Yes. To the point of silence. I blew on his face to get him to breathe in.

So can I use the photo?

Of my knee? Yeah.

And the color me rad photo?
I like the 5k to no k angle.

Ha Ha!
More like 5K to dork-ay

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