Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Stacy and I headed out to pick up lunch today. After a few rounds of "no, you choose" we decided to try out the Asian taco trailer that is usually parked outside of Walgreens... of coarse today it wasn't there.

Just when we were about to start the "no, you choose" game again Stacy spotted a new sign in the shopping mall. Is that a restaurant?

Yes, yes it is! They opened last week.  Very exciting to try a new place.  It took us a while to order because we had to have them translate/explain each menu item.

"Do you have guacamole?" we asked.

"No... but we could make you some" the young lady said with a shrug.

"You could just make it? How much?" I asked.

"Eh, a dollar" she replied.

Two guacamoles please!... And then we watch the cook/chef cut into two avocados and whip up the best guacamole ever! Talk about fresh!

The meal was yummy. I recommend the taquitos plate and the guacamole (they aren't called taquitos on the menu, so you'll have to ask which item they are...)

Soooooo... now let's talk about the ".com" in the restaurant's name.  I went to taco.com... NOT a taco website. It belongs to Technical Advisors COmpany and their Why Taco? page is very amusing, check it out. "We do not sell tacos. We do not make tacos. In fact, some of us don't even like them very much."

Hmmmm.... maybe it's tacolascolinas.com or lascolinastaco.com or ... not.

So then what's up with the ".com" in their name? Does ".com" reference something other than a website?

Then I thought maybe it was a Mexico website, so I tried taco.mx and mx.taco.com... nope.

Those 3 letters cost them extra money on that sign... it MUST mean something.

Ahhhh... I'll have to find a way to sleep without a solution to this mystery.

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