Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drip Dry

So... How much do my friends like me?

This is a question that used to run through my paranoid head. Or more accurately, do they like me for real? Or are they just being nice? Well, today I discovered that perhaps they DON'T like me and they AREN'T nice...

Let me explain the situation...

Karen, Stacy, Amy and I were meeting for lunch. We arrived before Amy did and I asked the "ladies" to order me a diet soda while I visited the restroom.

I'd just relieved my bladder and reached for the toilet paper... when I felt the cardboard core of the empty roll. Sigh. But aha, I have my phone with me!

Text to: Amy, Stacy, Karen

Can someone come give some toilet paper?

Text from: Karen

No thanks

Text from: Amy

At front door.

Text to: Amy, Stacy, Karen

Stuck on toilet. Seriously! I need TP. Not kidding.

Text from: Karen


What the ha-shizzle! Just as I was starting to consider hollering for help Amy came through the door. Thank goodness she was joining us today!

The ladies showed no shame and were having quite the laugh when I returned to the table... Makes a girl go hmmm!

But then we got to open a Christmas present from Karen! So exciting!

Karen created this beautiful spiral bound Christmas Planner! It is so fabulous! It includes:
- master to-do list
- gift planner
- shopping list
- black Friday shopping list
- gift idea planner
- gifts to make
- budget worksheet
- menu planner
- baking planner
AND a GRAND PLAN CALENDAR! This is the most awesome part, for me anyway! There is a "room" scheduled to tackle every week from now until Christmas. This week is "master bathroom" and  there is a "declutter" and "clean" checklist for each room. Brills!

The very last page of the planner is Post-Holiday Debriefing. I love it! 

So... I guess my friends like me a lot... even when I'm the toilet-sitting-butt of the joke ;)

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