Saturday, September 8, 2012

No Tears

Ahhhh... It's Saturday morning, we slept until 9:00, and no one cried when we woke up.

It has been an emotional roller coaster this week. All my mommy skills have been tested and all my mommy emotions exhausted.

Side note: I know how blessed we are that THIS is a problem and that there are parents who would happily trade their situations for mine.

My youngest girlie, age 9, has some major anxiety about the 4th grade. Stomach cramps, not eating, tears, and signs of hypochondria are some of the things we are dealing with.

Normally I kiss my girlie and drop her off... This week I've had to take my shaking daughter by the hand and walk her into the school office, spend a few minutes to dry the tears, and then one of the lovely office ladies will walk her to class.

One morning we passed a Kindergartner having a complete meltdown... The only difference between us and them is that Caitlin was able to hold it together a little better. It was surreal.

By 8:30 every morning Caitlin is in tears and back in the office with the counselor. The school counselor has been wonderful. We've spoken everyday and are working together to help my girlie. Friday they worked for 45 minutes until Cait felt comfortable to return to class.

My reaction to this news was a feeling of doom. How can I fix this? God help us!

Caitlin came home from school so excited! "Mommy, I only was with Ms. C in the morning and the whole rest of the day I stayed in class!" Her "glass" wasn't just "half full," it was overflowing! Praise God! She is getting her confidence back.

I'm hopeful next week will be better.

In the meantime we are going to the doctor for a well child checkup. I need Caitlin to know she is perfectly normal and healthy. I feel so selfish, but if I have to answer one more question with "no, that is nothing to worry about..." I might go a little bonkers. I think we have covered every health symptom possible, thank God she doesn't know about WebMD or she would have started on diseases too.

My tear free cuddle buddy...

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