Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hot Coach

We decided to catch a couple of soccer games today. Beautiful weather and some natural vitamin D would be good for the family.

Sarah's family had 7 soccer games scheduled this weekend and we watched one of Eleanor's and one of Mia's.

Eleanor's game was very competitive and fun to watch because of the soccer skill. I might be biased but Eleanor is the best on her team.

Mia's game was fun to watch for total comedy entertainment. It has been so long since I've watched age 4 soccer.

Okay, I technically didn't watch much of the game until the second quarter... I was too busy trying to get a photo of the other team's coach. Wowza! He should be on billboards! Once I had a photo of him and had texted it to my girlfriends I was able to watch the game.

So adorable! Total cat herding to get the kiddos to all play at once. At one point a game of tag broke out on the middle of the field. I love it!

Sarah is a great mom and covered Mia with sunscreen. One of the little girls on the team kept trying to rub it in when they didn't have the ball...

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