Saturday, September 29, 2012


So, I was chatting on the phone with Stacy about my conversation with Gorgeous last night.

Gorgeous' new iPhone 5 arrived and I showed her how to FaceTime so that she could call all the grandkids and video chat. A problem presented itself right away... for some reason Gorgeous was holding the phone in a very unflattering angle, I was looking right up her nose. Apparently in order to see the phone she has to look out the bottom of her bifocals... I got a big giggle out of this situation and am so glad she didn't discover this with some hottie.

While I was sharing the story my cell rang, Stacy and I were on the office line, and I checked the caller ID.

Little miss Stacy was giving me a FaceTime call. So there we sat talking on two lines and finding the most flattering angle for the app. It was extra fun because Stacy on the cell had a delay from Stacy on the work line... So I was in echo world.

No, we did not even consider hanging up the work phone.

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