Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kate 'n Henry

I had a lovely visit with Kate 'n Henry this afternoon.  First Kate and I hung out in her bedroom (um, which is fancier than my bedroom) and then her mommy made us come out into the living room with everyone else. Hmph, we were having fun. 

Here Kate is putting on her good jewelry.  It's very pretty and she let me try it on too... well almost, it didn't fit over my head. She also showed me her nursery-rhyme bunny. A cute furry animal at first look but then you press a button and it starts moving it's head and singing.  I said it was scary... then got in trouble because Kate has recently learned that word and I could have ruined the toy. (The s-c-a-r-y toy, just sayin'.)

My main man was hanging out in Kate's infant habitat. Kate let me know it was hers (she is so adorable!) 

My beautiful sister and her handsome boy.

The big fun happened when daddy brought out the bubbles. Jelly-belly bubbles, fancy! I edited on my phone so the quality isn't great... but the star is fantastic!

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