Monday, July 2, 2012

Banger and Mash

Michael had a very exciting birthday weekend, starting with Back to the Future on the big screen and ending with some good irish beer at Trinity Hall Pub and Restaraunt.

Hubby and the girlies went early to the pub to watch the soccer game with Sarah and Peter... they may've been the only Mexicans in the place :)... the rest of us joined for dinner after the game.  On Sundays they give you a discount equal to your age, and since hubby is 47 that's a nice deal!

I enjoyed my Banger and Mash, although I ended up eating with my hands because my little Kate borrowed my fork... totally worth it to have her beside me. (I think she got some of my banger in her hair!)

There is a live Irish music and lots of laughter.  A great place!

The middle girlies blessed us with a dance...

When we got home hubby made a wish and blew out the candles... Okay, first I blew out the candles because he wouldn't smile for the camera. I relit them after he promised not to make a goofy face.

Much love to my handsome hubby!

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