Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Finally, fireworks!

We've broken the fireworks curse, mostly. As much as I dislike heat, crowds, and fun ;) I was determined that my girlies would experience booms and lights this year.

The past four years have been, as my oldest would say, "un-believe-able." Always just missing the show or catching glimpses over trees. Not this year!

My sister wasn't sure if they could risk joining us... We have a very bad rap.

But we all got together for the garage party at the Gaylord and saw one big show and six others in the distance.

Well, almost all of us saw the show. I moved twice and each time someone would block my view... Un-believe-able!

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  1. Every 4th I think of fireworks at the Bedford Boys Ranch. I think of your dad too. Fond memories. -Danny