Monday, July 30, 2012


Finally back to the living today, lost the last 4 days to a massive tension headache. A "charlie-horse" of the head is how my dr.  described it years ago to get the right diagnosis. I've not had one this bad in ages.

One of the things I discovered a few years ago is that if I have Caitlin sit on my head the pain becomes manageable. I know, it sounds weird, but when you're desperate... I lay down with my head on a pillow, ear down, and I place a second pillow over my other ear. Caitlin can comfortably sit there for the whole length of a movie and I usually have drugged myself to sleep before she gets up. 

But Caitlin is a growing girl... and she has just tipped the scale of being a bit too heavy as a head-sitter. This was the last episode I'll be able to use her.  She suggested that I could have my 3rd girlie, Mia, come over when my head hurts... But I don't know, saying "sit on my head" to your own children is one thing, saying it to someone else's child just seems wrong.

Hubby suggested we could train the dog to do it, but he was just being mean. 

I think I've come up with a possible solution, "shot bags!" Cloth bags filled with sand designed to weigh down equipment so nothing tips over on set. I'm sure other industries use them too.  You see crude versions holding down temporary signs on the highway.  What I need to do is figure out the proper weight. Maybe Stacy or Karen will help me sew a pretty one together! (hint)

Cutest shot-bag ever!

On the tail-end of my tension torture I had to go to the dentist to pick up my mouth guard. I have to wear this all the time, except when eating, brushing my teeth, or drinking dark liquids. Apparently one is NOT supposed to grind there teeth 24/7.  I have to re-train my jaw... it doesn't know it's place. In the long run this should help with my headaches... but right now it's just triggering my gag reflex at the worst times possible.

"Hi, yes, nice to meet you" hurl face, "excuse me... it's me, not you" hurl face, "no really, please excuse me."

Plus, today, the first time outside the house I left my case in Karen's car.  I'll need to remember this when the girlies are in retainers, because I'm pretty sure I would normally say something like "you are xx years old! when are you going to take responsibility for your things!"... 

Hi, my name is Kathleen. I'm 39 years old. I lost my retainer case today.

(BTW, I found out I lost it when Karen sent me a photo text... tehe to technology.)

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  1. That's a bad headache! Don't ever ask Rosie O'Donnell to sit. Yikes!

    Have you been to the doctor for that lately?