Monday, March 7, 2011

That Blows

Today is my 37th birthday! If you don't know, I l-o-v-e my birthday. It's all about ME!

That is why I am officially calling a birthday do-over.

It is impossible to be "annoying birthday girl" when you are stuck in bed with the flu. Apparently there was a charming birthday song sung this morning by my girlies and hubby... that I have no recollection of, but they repeated it after school... along with 37 spanks (ouch) and it was as precious as you would expect.

It compares in no way to this twisted song, sung by my sister... who knows that no matter how sick I am, March 7th is about ME :)!

I will say, this man did take very good care of me during this bout of flu... maybe I'll let him stay around...

Flu or no-flu, I love my birthday!

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