Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Robots and Daymares

I have an awesome job.  Couple of months ago I had to order 6 - 6 inch bullfrogs.  Love it!!  Yesterday I had to order robots, they arrived today.  And I had to, as part of my JOB, practice using them for a shoot tomorrow.

Yes, I did walk my robots down to the 2nd floor so that I could practice and carry on with the rest of my work.  Ummmm, today I was popliar (as Caitlin would pronounce it.) Everyone wanted to play with my robot... and one person even pulled out their remote control car and... drove circles around my robot. He clearly had the superior product.

The middle man is the one that traveled with me.  He also makes loud noises and lights up... awesome!

Part Deux

I drive two hours a day.  One hour to work and one hour home (assuming no traffic.)  Most of the time I listen to a book... sometimes listen to music... but that can lead to daydreams... or what hubby and I call daymares.

Daymares are daydreams that go WRONG.  Well today I had a biggie.  I was thinking about how much fun I had today.  And how fun it was to discuss accounting stuff with my trusty robot by my side.  I was in someone else' department... a nut/bolts/computer department... They are NOT used to me down there.  I'm... me. In my daymare my cute little robot made a beep and did a pirouette and I laughed.  Then all of a sudden the division director (who I don't know at all) started stomping on my robot.  He broke them into pieces and was yelling about toys in the office.

Well!  That toy was part of my job and I was not going to take this laying down.  I jumped up and said "Excuse me Mr. X" (name not mentioned since this all happened in my head.) "You are unprofessional and a bully, sir! I expect YOU or one of your MINIONS to go out and purchase a new robot, assemble it, and deliver it to me by 9:00AM tomorrow, sir." 

I tried to keep my temper, because it is ineffective to call someone unprofessional and then act unprofessional yourself.  But I was definitely shaking.  At this point my daymare splits off into several different scenarios, kinda like a "choose your own adventure" book.  The most dramatic ending is me showing the CEO (in regular business terms) the broken bits of my robot.

Anywho. That's my day. And, that's how I keep myself entertained.

Disclaimer: The characters in my head are fictitious and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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