Tuesday, March 22, 2011

THE haircut!

Caitlin has been running around with the most wild hair.  It's in her face, ratty tatty (just check out any of her photos on this blog so far.)  Why would I allow this you ask?  Because of the TRAUMA of the last haircut.

It was so cute.  A short little bob just past the ears with bangs... perfect for her cute little face.  She cried for 3 days.  I'm not kidding.  3. days. So I promised her I would never make her cut her hair short again and would let her have a say... although I retain veto power.

My reasoning?  I have had some horrible haircuts in my time.  I have cried WHILE they were cutting my hair.  So I understand.

But the hair has been driving me nuts... more nuts than usual.  Finally she came to me and said she needed to cut her bangs to match her American Girl Doll (I now consider this the best santa gift EVER!)

We had a fancy photo shoot in the front yard when I got home (they are wearing matching dresses):

I had tried so hard to make it to Cool Cuts for Kids... but they finished when I was still 20 minutes away.  Hubby took this picture for me.  Apparently Caitlin waffled several times on the way, I am SO glad she went with the bangs.

photo by hubby

Siobain also had her hair cut this past weekend.  She's old enough that I take her to Candace who cuts Honey's hair while I sit in tinfoil strips and hair color... She also looks beautiful!

photo taken on Saturday 3/19

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