Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drama Queen!

W.C. Fields said "Never work with children or animals."... I'm adding robots to that list.

Robots are SO demanding. Only green m&ms, no monkeys allowed on the set, and they will only drink vodka! Do you know how hard that makes my day?

And this one! Who would have known a 2.5 inch robot could scream that loud:

Oh wait, that was me screaming.  

I did discover that winged bugs are one of the only reasons you can scream at your boss. "Kill it Peter! KILL IT!  KILL IT NOW! PETER!"

Here was the star of the show.  His name is Roberto Bot, but his friends call him Ro (that's totally from the script, get it, Ro Bot... my boss is a funny funny guy.)

So I was in charge of operating Ro Bot's remote control... not as easy as it sounds.
Especially when he has specific marks he had to hit... sometimes Ro will go only where Ro wants to go.

Very talented DP and Director in the foreground... I forgot to ask if I can use their images... that's on my to do list for tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. No way you can hit the marks with the Ro Bot. I tried just moving it on the red table and it ran all over the place at times --- other times it didn't do a thing. I thought it might be called NO Bot...