Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here's My Sign

If I had a sign, it would say "I'm Lost"... (okay, I probably would not have just ONE sign.)

Anyway, I get lost on the way home from work.  I'm not kidding.  A drive I make 5 days a week and I can get lost in 10 seconds if I am not paying attention.

Right now they are doing road work and it is CRAZY!  Half the signs are down, narrowed to two lanes here, one lane there, detour here.  It is wild.  Like a new adventure everyday (if you are navigational challenged like me.)

I'm not exaggerating for emphasis, I got lost yesterday.  I need a Garmin.

Sooooo! You can imagine how excited I was to see this parked on the side of the highway:

We had a shoot today, there were good parts... and there were bad parts.  When I got home (after 3 detours, one wrong turn, and a traffic jam) I took a long not-water-conserving shower.  Thank goodness my girlies were out having fun or I would have received a lecture (they are awesome.)

Ending my evening cuddling with my littlest girlie, her sign says "Cuddle me, I'm cute!"

I love the way this pic turned out.  We are watching Harry Potter on my computer cuddled up on the bed. When I took the picture I accidentally had the flash behind the screen so it flashed red.

She is beautiful!

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