Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bonus - Double Feature

Last night we ended spring break 2011 with a movie.  But not just any movie experience... we went to a DRIVE-IN!!!

So much fun, so I'm showing lots of pictures.

The Brazos Drive-In is about an hour from home... but thanks to hubby's male ego we took the scenic route... so it took 2 hours and the help of my sister Siobain via mobile navigation to get us there.  I believe her first comment was "WHY are you going in the wrong direction?... I can't help if you KEEP going the wrong way!" So, finally the male driver listened to reason.

Fortunately the girls brought enough entertainment to last most of the trip. Honey was reading (she's always reading)  and Caitlin was trying to navigate by wand; she put hubby under a spell to listen to directions...

But we were millions of miles from our destination and she eventually fell asleep...

I woke her up when we got there... WE ARE SO EXCITED!

Ok, I love this picture.  This was our view for about 15 minutes while we waited in line.

We arrived minutes before the movie started and just before they filled. 
Some cars behind us were turned way, thank goodness for navigator Dozier.

Did I mention that dogs are allowed? 
This is my handsome boys first outing to the movies.  He was such a gentleman.  
He didn't bark once and let all his fans have a pat and a pet.

Here he is with Honey at the concession stand.

We had perfect seats! A clear view and our own sound system.

Unfortunately we arrived too late (male driver) to capture a picture of the field of cars and the movie screen.  A classic experience! It's just $18 per car (up to 6 people) for a DOUBLE FEATURE.  Last night was Gnomeo and Juliet and I Am Number 4.  Second feature was PG 13... so it was a gamble with the girlies... violence, language, and kissing. Not a movie I would normally let them watch but being out in the open was distracting enough for them that it was ok.

It was amazing to watch a movie under the stars and the "Supermoon" moving across the clear sky. A Supermoon happens about once every 18 years... Making this evening even more amazing.

I hope my local peeps take an opportunity to visit the Brazos Drive-In.

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