Thursday, March 17, 2011

Girlz in the 'hood

The hubby and girlies couldn't travel far today because my new dishwasher was being put in today... (finally, after 3 failed attempts.)

I love this picture because I know that they really are, deep deep deep down, having a good time. But boy, I'd be afraid to run across these three in a dark alley.

I mean, they must be TOUGH to wear those sundresses when their mommy has FORBIDDEN it until SHE SAYS SO!

Peep this picture of my hommies in their
summer styll chilling my dog in da hood.
Dawgs totally dis their wanksta mommy by styll suckas.

Translation (per gangsta dictionary):

Look at this picture of my friends in their
summer cloths walking the dog in our neighborhood.
They totally disobey their gangster pretending mommy
by going out in these dresses.

BTW: so glad I had to look up words in order to create this translation... I hope I spelled it all correctly...

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