Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zoo Squirrel

Today was GLORIOUS! We decided to head out to the Fort Worth Zoo to enjoy the weather.

So, it's $5 for parking and $12 for adults and $9 for girlies... which I'm okay with because the FWZ is really nice... except that every time we go the first thing the girlies always see is some random squirrel and they get really excited! Like, WOW it's a squirrel in the ZOO!

So after getting over the squirrel we visited all sorts of animals. They were all alive with (fake) spring fever. There were baby giraffes and baby orangoutangs and we even pet a snake.

We had to stop for dippin' dops because we were having SO MUCH FUN! My camera (okay, me) malfunctioned but I still think this picture of Caitlin is really cool.

I think I took 700 pictures. This elephant was my favorite of the day. He was bathing himself in dirt, you can see the dirt he's about to throw on his back. It was so amazing to watch his trunk work the pile of dirt and then launch it.

It was a great day. And ended on a very high note/squeal.

Damn Squirrels!

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