Thursday, February 3, 2011

People who dress their dogs...

I'm not one of them. 1st, I'm cheap and those doggie cloths are expensive. 2nd, I'm cheap and those doggie cloths are expensive. And 3rd, I don't have a toy dog I have a real one.

But it is so cold outside I wish I had purchased him a coat. In fact, I am going to get him a coat... but not right now because I'm sure that they have been marked up because of the ice age that Texas is experiencing right now... and did I mention I'm cheap?

So, my girlies are 7 and 11... yet somehow I still have a 2T Lands End coat in my closet. (Note to self, clean out the closet.)

It's not a great fit, but it works. I also found a random coat hat... with no matching coat for him to wear.

Hubby said when he took him on a walk he received snickers from other dogs and chuckles from the neighbors.
Which is probably why he wouldn't look at me when he got home:

But he wasn't shivering and that's all I care about.
* * * *
On to my girlies. Apparently being stuck in the house with Mommy for 3 solid days is too long... and school was cancelled again for tomorrow. My only child still willing to cuddle with me is the one with 4 legs.

I may have pushed it too far with him today too. My dog has a blog and is not afraid to use it.
* * * *
The last few days have starred Spartacus, I'll try to move on to another subject tomorrow but he is the only being stuck in the house that isn't purposely bombing pictures.


  1. i've been meaning to ask you ... have you seen mia's coat? i think we might have left it at your house. it's lands end, size 2t, red with navy zippers. if you find it let me know. thanks