Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rubber Soul Library Patrol

Decided to take the camera with me to our local library branch. We are so lucky that it is right behind our house. 5 minute walk or 3 minute bike ride or 10 minute car ride ('cause it's still like herding cats to get our family into a car)...

My camera clickety clicks were a little distracting to the librarians. And I'm sure they are all a little afraid of our bunch now, since hubby was all "lets do the photo cover to Rubber Soul!!!" I'm just glad he didn't ask another patron to step in with the camera, or worse, as the missing Beatle.

"Girls, look down at the camera and DO NOT SMILE!"... these were his directions. Not knowing what the cover looked like I assumed he knew what he was talking about. But clearly only the daughter playing John Lennon should have look directly into the camera and everyone else slightly off...

We used to go to the library every Saturday. I don't know why we stopped. I guess life just got a little crazy. We need to get back on schedule. I remember how much I LOVED the library as a kid. Hundreds of stories to pick from. Air conditioning on a hot summer day. Comfy chairs.

My Honey Reader
(she is totally OVER me following her around the library with a camera)

My Cookie Reader
(no, comics don't "count" for reading hours)

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  1. Ur great with a camera Kath! :-) ... P.S. have no idea why i just called u Kath.