Sunday, February 6, 2011


Too pretty out to stay inside, even for a self proclaimed hermit like me. So I took the girlies to the park. A little windy but bright and "warm"... normally I would consider today a bit chilly but after this week...

Hubby stayed home to take a nap so that he can enjoy the Superbowl... meh.

I stopped the girlies to pose for this picture. Shows their personalities really well, Honey is upstanding and Caitlin is a little crazy :)

Then they went back to playing. Relay games and some others that they made up as they went. But there was one that is apparently standard at both their schools... I think I have a vague memory of it from my childhood. My girlies call it Cricket. It's not THE cricket that is the second most popular game in the world... but a game made up by school children.

Two people play at a time, one on either end of the bars. At go each player must launch themselves over the right bar and run to the other end. The game continues until one player has caught up to the other and tags them.

I joined in a round. But we were laughing so hard (at me) that it got harder and harder for either of us to get over the bar.

Caitlin did take a picture of me playing the game... but as the owner of this blog I will save you all from that image.

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