Sunday, February 27, 2011

Window Shopping

Migraine mostly gone today. We were supposed to have the girlie cousins over but plans fell through. Day escaped from me when I took a nap, migraine meds have a major sleep side effect.

Long list of "didn't dos" for this weekend. Hopefully I will get them done next weekend.

My girlies are so good and rarely get into mischief when left to their own devises. A broken Belleek bowl has been the only casualty of fun in the last few years... it was a big bowl and Caitlin thought it would be strong enough to hold up one side of the blanket fort.

So I wasn't nervous when I walked into a quiet living room (quiet used to mean they were up to no good.)

Almost stepped on Caitlin's American Doll shopping list. Thank goodness she doesn't have a credit card.

I especially enjoy that she has cut off all the "model doll" heads, making it clear that it is the outfit she wants. Gotta love my girlies.

(BTW, I have saved the pieces of my Belleek bowl if anyone has a crafty suggestion on how I can repurpose them...)

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