Monday, February 21, 2011

Bonus - Kate n' Me

So, I had today off and decided to spend some time with my girlie Kate since my girlies were in school.

We had a really good time. Kate ate, slept, turned over (!), giggled, spit up, urinated on me, and took a bath... not in that order.

My goal is to become Kate's favorite, after Mommy and Daddy. I know, it's horrible, but that is my goal. So far, I think I'm dong a pretty good job of winning her over.

It is hard to tell because she is such a happy child. Fortunately she is only 12 minutes, door to door, from my office and I will be able to go and visit at lunch 2 or 3 times a week.

Here Kate, right after her bath, is finding me highly amusing, I think the 3 - 6 month might be my comic audience.

Now, I will have to work on Mia and Eleanor... Well, just Mia because the very fact that I have given birth to Caitlin kinda wins Eleanor.

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