Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This IS my bed?

Another no-school day. The girlies of the house (including me) never got dressed. I did get about 3.5 hours of work done in my PJs.

Hubby hollers that he has started a fire... here's what I walk in to (pretty much, Caitlin was moving towards her spot as I came into the room.)

Michael is reading something to the girls from Aunt Maria. But what I see in this photo is a huge "thought bubble" over Spartacus' head saying "This IS my bed, right?"...

Spartacus has an extra large dog bed and it is currently placed 3 feet from the fire... which is meant for my handsome boy... but attracts hubby... who both attract girlies...

Spartacus never minds sharing.

Reading from the computer is soon replaced by rehearsing for Honey's first play... all on Spartacus' luxurious bed...

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