Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's green and white...

And f-ing melted?!?

Ribberta in coveralls.

You see where Ribberta's hand is sticking out?
Well, that hole is NOT supposed to be there.

Talk about a wardrobe malfunction!  We have 6 shoots going on right now... okay, way more, but 6 that are on my plate TODAY... and one of them needed a white coverall... for a "caddy" uniform.  So I picked up one of those disposable painters coveralls and it was gonna work perfectly for this cheese-ball shoot.

But it was all wrinkled... and we have high standards.  So I thought I would steam it.  OMG. 2 seconds into this fiasco and I have a giant hole!  Now I gotta go buy another one!

Ribberta keeps calling me a dumbass.  Oh well. A twix fixed everything.

Yes, I do keep an iron in my cube... what do you have in yours?

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