Friday, July 1, 2011

A Bigger Boat

Still having major anxiety.  Can't breath right now.  But trying to keep this blog going.

We saw Jaws in the theater tonight.  It was perfect except for two things, I'll get to those later, first the perfect parts.

This is one of my favorite movies ever. It is just kinda all around brills.  I've seen it at least 25 times, and that count is conservative.  I love the characters and the dialog and the feel of the movie.  But tonight... I realized there were nuances I have missed.  I've never heard the dialog in a crowded theater, where I wasn't laughing to myself but with everyone out loud.  The shock of the shark... suddenly so unexpected when watching the movie with people who have never seen it before. The fantastic characterizations of the extras.  Really fantastic.

And both my girlies seeing it for the first time.  Loved when they laughed.  Loved that Siobain closed her eyes the first time I warned her a scary part was coming and she yelled "what happened" when the whole crowed reacted to the fisherman's head bobbing out of the boat... Loved that Caitlin said she was fine through the whole movie and then...

Thing One:  I couldn't relax in the theater.  It was a completely full house.  Too many people, even in the dark.  I loved the shared viewing experience but hated it at the same time. Note to talk to my therapist.

Thing Two: ... and then... Caitlin burst into tears as soon as we were in the car.  "I'm going to have nightmares forever!"

We calmed her down.  Bribed her. Begged for forgiveness.  Went to the movie store so she could "fall asleep to something that would replace the shark"...

She was feeling much better by the time we got home.  My little chompers...

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