Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anne with an "E"

My sister Sarah invited us to see Anne of Green Gables the musical tonight.  This is my favorite book from childhood.  I loved it.  Still do.

Anywho, it was good to get out of the house.  Hadn't planned on leaving my fortress but I do love Anne Shirley.

4 of my 5 girlies.  Siobain is getting so tall!

At intermission the Artisan has a drawing.  Eleanor and Caitlin were asked to draw.

Caitlin is so shy and the stage is a 2nd home for Eleanor.  She was so sweet and took Caitlin around.

Okay.  Mia sat with me for the first half of the play. We had so much fun... until she started choking on Skittles.  We both panicked a little but she was able to spit them out into my hand.  She was safe. And now we were both covered in chewed-up-skittle-spit-juice.  Gross. By intermission my hand had a fruity hard candy shell. Yummm.

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