Monday, July 4, 2011

Madame Alexander Presents...

Aunt Colleen created a girlies' dream doll spree!

Her oldest grandgirlies decided to hand-down their Madame Alexander collection to the Texas girlies.  And boy are the Texas girlies excited about that!

Everyone took a turn making their selections. We started with Mia (who chose the cowardly lion) and kept going round till they were all gone.  It was fascinating to see how differently all of them chose.

There was a bit of a pre-selection period for all the girlies to have a good look.

The new additions to the Medina play house.

Caitlin wanted a photo with all her new dolls.  I told her to smile big and we all had a good laugh.  She reminds me of ET.

I've taken one for myself.  It's true.  I'll share a photo of Humpty Dumpty when he is place in his new home, my cube.

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