Thursday, July 7, 2011


Caitlin was weepy this morning and wouldn't leave the house... which is problematic because she's 8 and can't be left home alone.  She couldn't articulate what the problem was... she just NEEDED to be at home.

Since I am border-line recluse I completely understood the NEED to stay in the house.... turning my baby girlie into one is not on my To Do list.

Gonna have to figure something out for this shiz. Is crazy contagious? Because I don't want my girlies catching it.

Sooo... in the meantime, I'm having a big ol' cup of jello with lunch today...

My big cup o jello.

Also my cute desk lamp and pad... 

In fact, we just rearranged our cubicles and I love mine!
Hope to stay in here for a long long long time.

My humpyt-dumpty, prop-rock, and Ebbers!

So glad they let me keep a half wall so that I don't feel claustrophobic.
Plus I have a distant window.
My crafty clock.
My green desktop to match my green lamps.

My green mirror... I have my back to the door now... and startle easily.
Keith agreed to model for me :)

Hubby just called.  I am in big big big trouble.  I am really sorry.  Forgot to tell him about this morning and we went to the wrong place to get the girlies.  Eeeek.  Sucking as a wife and a mother this today.

Must eat more jello.

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