Monday, July 25, 2011

That's LIFE

Well, we just finished playing a 2 hour+ game of Life.  I retired first with the highest savings and then my blood thirsty family started SUING me every other turn.  Caitlin would even tackle me so I couldn't wiggle my wii and try and win the lawsuit.


Hubby had today off and there was a very elaborate world in my living room... And I was NOT allowed to move anything!

Barbie is the leader of the troops. She leads with style!

These are the superheroes.  Including Star Light, Star Bright Madame Alexander Doll...
not sure what her super power is.

This is the prison.

Oooh.  How I would have put my litigious family in prison tonight!

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  1. Many people in history have used beauty as their super power.