Monday, July 4, 2011

In Honor Of

Eleanor's Final Performance & Aunt Colleen's Visit

We all got together for Eleanor's last performance of The Sound of Music and then dinner, Eleanor's choice.  She wanted Macaroni Grill, which was a bit of a shocker... but my girlies LOVE MacGrill so they were happy campers.

Aunt Colleen has been in the Texas heat all week but this was our first chance to see her.  Dinner was lovely and fun... my photographs aren't so good.  Apparently sangria does NOT help with my photography skills.  There was only one photo of Aunt Colleen that was in focus...

Two Pretty Ladies

Herding Cats
...this was the best of 20 photos of the cousins, jeepers... 

Bro-in-law JD, my Kate, and Gorgeous

The Hubby

Kate brought a date.

These two are ALWAYS willing to smile and take a picture.

Love Birds
(barfed a little in my mouth)

Sooooo.... I have a picture of Peter's hand and the tip of his nose in one of my photos... I feel bad that of all my photos I didn't even have a fuzzy one of him.  Well, he's cute and I'll get him on anther post.

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