Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thank God

I have a lot  to thank God for.

Big things and little things.  My life is full of joys and blessings.

i have my girlies
my girlies are healthy
and happy
and smart
and kind
and safe

i have my husband
my husband is wonderful
and hard working
and funny
and smart
and kind
he takes care of me when i'm afraid
he loves our girlies more than words can express
he teaches them to be happy
and smart
and kind

i have my mother
my mother loves me
and prays for me
and worries about me
and she is healthy
and smart
and kind
and she is gorgeous to my girlies
and makes their lives fuller

i have spartacus
my handsome boy
is warm
and cuddly
and fierce
and brave
and loving

i have kitty
who is here when she wants
and hides when she wants
and purrs if you pet her
and her purrs heal us
and make us happy

i have sisters
who are always there
no matter what
and they are inspiring
and role models
and friends
they are who i want to be with
and who i trust
and they are healthy
and smart
and kind

i have a job
that is challenging
and fun
and meaningful
it is a job i love
and work hard at
and wish to keep

i have a house
that is a home
and a haven
and safe
it has a kitchen with plenty of food
and bedrooms with warm safe beds
and bathrooms with running warm water
and a backyard for my family to play

i have health care and insurance
and doctors that care
and medicines for our ailments
and someone to talk to
who is teaching me 
to live and not just survive
and letting go of the bad
and keeping the good
and letting God take care of me 

and i have God
who saves me
and us
and i'm learning to talk to Him

and i have so much more that i am thankful for
and i will tell Him
as i talk to Him

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