Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Third Ear

I missed two days posting this week! Just emotionally spent.  But some good times to share too...

Monday morning...

Walking into work I pass Lee, "Does that mean you have a third ear?"

Very FUNNY! Look at the picture and think about it.
Aaron had to explain it to me... but it's hi-larious!
Almost made up for the day that followed.


Big music day for me.  I had a lot of data entry to do and listened to Pandora radio.  It reminded me of the old days of making mix-tapes/cds.  You type in a song or group and it selects like songs.  I find a lot of new artists this way and have started taking pictures of them so that I can remember that I liked them when I decide to purchase songs.  I was SO excited when this song, Dog Days Are Over, came onto the station.  I l-o-v-e this song but didn't know what artist performed it.

Now I know!
Kinda interesting how I found this song to begin with... a pole dance routine.
This is an amazing feat of strength and beauty.

Total rock star, right?

I originally couldn't access this video on YouTube because of parental-lock-controls.  I was a little frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to turn parental-lock off. Siobain said "It's easy" and then showed me how... doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the parental-lock?...


Very productive day... and much better than Monday and Tuesday.  A project approved and a birthday celebration at Hard 8.  I think of Hard 8 as a guys place to eat.  You basically walk by this hugh-mung-ga-loid grill/smoker and point to the meat you want.

It is yummy.

These are the smokers you pass to get to the "serving" smoker/grill.  Everyone smells like smoked meat afterward. You cant see very well in this photo but there are four huge smokers at work here, you can see the smoke coming out of the seams.

I'm not sure what they cook in these fire pits... but we discussed that a person would die instantly if they were thrown in here.  I was thinking of Hansel & Gretel. But even with these morbid thoughts I was able to enjoy my beef skewer and the best beans in Texas.

For shizzle if you are in the DFW area you gotta stop by here.

When I got home Caitlin had turned into Katniss.  She made a bow and arrow... the bow was made from a puppet stick and string, the arrow is her Harry Potter wand. Very creative!



  1. If you like Dogs Days Are Over, try listening to Cosmic Love. That my favorite tunes of theirs. -Koko

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