Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Character and Character

Caitlin is very proud of her Character Awards, she earned Respect AND Perseverance this month! I was so excited to see them when I got home.

Caitlin's a little photo shy lately, she's over-it! She said I could come to field day on Friday if I promised not to bring a camera (as if!) Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to make it... maybe some of my peeps can take pictures for me, we won't tell Caitlin ;)

While Caitlin was SHOWING character I was BEING a character!  Had such a fun lunch with my friend Stacy today.  After we had some pizza I stopped to get my boss a sub from Jersey Mike's... definitely a guy's joint... until we invaded!

I wrote down specifically what Peter asked for: regular #13 on wheat, Mike's way... he said "they'll know." So I told the young man "a regular #13 on wheat Mike's way" and he nodded. I'd spoken the language they understood.

The young man sliced the bread and revealed a bread bubble (technical term for... I don't know, when there is a big bubble of air under the crust.) Eeek. Bread. Yummy. No room for air bubbles!

"Um, this is for my boss... can you use a different bread? This one has a bubble."

He looks at the man working the vegi section and shows a slight smile, "you got a tough boss?" as he slices new bread.

The man standing next to him says "What are you having?"

... "Nothing, just the sandwich for my boss."

"You're not going to eat one of my sandwiches?"

... "Um... I always thought this was a 'guys place.'" I say glancing at Stacy.

"Her boss won't let us eat." Stacy pipes in. (BTW, I should mention that Stacy is a-dor-a-ble!

Both the men laugh. I can tell now that the vegi guy is the Manager and he says "It's 2012! There's no 'guy's place,' you two come back and your sandwiches are on me."

Such a sweety!

We are so going back for a free sandwich! And plotting free food from the other restaurants in the area!

So check out Jersey Mike's 'cause this guy was charming :)

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  1. Congrats to your daughter!

    Jersey Mike's sounds like quite the place. Fun story!